The Value of Debate Over Ideology

The Value of Debate Over Ideology

In a recent speech reprinted in the Wall Street Journal, University of Pennsylvania law school professor Amy Wax discusses the importance of “logic, evidence, facts and substantive arguments” when debating public policy:  The proper response [to ... [Read More]

Returns to College Are Poor for Marginal Students

Returns to College Are Poor for Marginal Students

The Economist finds 26.5m workers in America—two-thirds of those with degrees—are doing work that was mostly done by non-graduates a half-century ago. The Economist Reports: In the OECD… 43% of 25- to 34-year-olds…have degrees. In ... [Read More]

New Study Finds Divorce Could Be Genetic

A new study of adopted children finds that the propensity to divorce may be partly genetic rather than a learned behavior. The study found: "Children were 20% more likely to divorce if their biological parents had divorced than if those parents had ... [Read More]

Why a 3rd Party May Make Politics More Extreme

My friend Juleanna Glover had a thoughtful piece in the New York Times today asking if “Republicans Are Ready to Join a Third Party?” I don’t agree with her conclusion. My concerns are twofold. I fear a third party might help elect Democrats, ... [Read More]

Mom at work w. child

A Fascinating Proposal From AEI to Fund Family Leave

AEI’s Andrew Biggs offers a fascinating proposal to fund family leave that avoids reducing women’s wages. He writes:  "The U.S. is the only industrialized nation without a law guaranteeing workers paid parental leave. The idea has broad public ... [Read More]

Slow Cumulative GDP Growth Shows Weakness of Obama Recovery

Obama Recovery Slowest Since World War II

The Dow has risen 40% from a cyclical high since Republicans won unencumbered control of the government. Democrats often counter that the market grew more under the Obama Administration while ignoring that it started from a cyclical low during the ... [Read More]