RCP Puzder review

Andy Puzder Reviews The Upside of Inequality

"Edward Conard’s The Upside of Inequality is one of those rare books. Conard refreshingly places the credit for economic prosperity where it belongs: On the willingness of innovators, entrepreneurs and investors to assume risk and on the availability ... [Read More]

The Weekly Standard Reviews The Upside of Inequality

The Weekly Standard Reviews The Upside of Inequality

Michael M. Rosen The Weekly Standard November 21, 2016 As impassioned calls to curb income inequality, including through a growing movement to establish a “guaranteed basic income," have increasingly dominated the political conversation here and ... [Read More]

AEI Debate on “The Upside of Inequality”

I summarize my Top 10 NYT bestselling book, The Upside of Inequality: How Good Intentions Undermine the Middle Class for the American Enterprise Institute with Steven Roberts.  The book argues that today's knowledge-based economy is constrained by ... [Read More]

More evidence that incentives drive work effort.

More Evidence that Incentives Drive Work Effort

Harvard’s Raj Chetty et al just released a new study on the effects of childhood environment on adult employment showing low workforce participation rates for adults who were raised as poor children—even lower for men than women. My first thought ... [Read More]

Edward Conard Debate Highlights

Edward Conard published The Upside of Inequality: How Good Intentions Undermine the Middle Class in September 2016. The book debuted at #8 on the New York Times top ten non-fiction list and reached #1 on the New York Times business book ... [Read More]

Does the Pursuit of Status Drive Growth?

After Scott Sumner surveyed, with aghast, the uselessness of the leather-bound backgammon sets and other luxury goods on the FT’s HowtoSpendit website, he couldn’t help but post an argument for progressive consumption taxes. Sadly, his argument ... [Read More]

We don’t need more humanities majors

Washington Post By Edward Conard | July 30, 2013 It’s no secret that innovation grows America’s economy. But that growth is constrained in two ways. It is constrained by the amount of properly trained talent, which is needed to produce ... [Read More]

How to Fix America

Which Tools Should Washington Use? Unleash the Private Sector By Edward Conard | May 13, 2013 In "Can America Be Fixed?" (January/February 2013), Fareed Zakaria argues that American democracy has grown increasingly dysfunctional since the 1970s ... [Read More]

What Obama Didn’t Learn From the 1990s

The Wall Street Journal By Edward Conard | August, 2012 With the prospects for a postrecession economic rebound fading, it has grown increasingly obvious that the United States must eventually raise taxes or cut spending. President Obama claims ... [Read More]

How America Can Lead the Global Economy

What I learned at Bain Capital working with Mitt Romney: outsourcing is good and America's future isn't manufacturing, it's ideas. Foreign Policy Magazine By Edward Conard | June 7, 2012 The United States must integrate its economy more fully ... [Read More]

Businessweek review by Roger Lowenstein

With his bashing of private equity, Barack Obama has given Mitt Romney a huge opening. Edward Conard, Romney’s friend and former partner at Bain Capital, is eagerly seizing that opportunity with his manifesto for private investment, Unintended ... [Read More]

How Roe v. Wade Empowered U.S. Investors

Bloomberg By Edward Conard It’s possible, but unlikely, that small differences in culture alone can explain the greater economic success of the U.S. relative to Europe and Japan after the introduction of the Internet. The U.S. has poured ... [Read More]

NPR’s “The Takeaway”

NPR The Takeaway Thursday, May 03, 2012 Guests: Pippa Malmgren Produced by: Ben Gottlieb Over the past year, "We are the 99 percent" has become a near-ubiquitous expression of solidarity against income inequality. It's growing and many cite it ... [Read More]

Publishers Weekly Review

Conard, a former partner at Bain Capital, the venture capital firm founded by Mitt Romney, and a Romney megadonor in the 2012 presidential campaign, expounds on U.S. economic policy and the future, defending private investment against government ... [Read More]