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A Fascinating Proposal From AEI to Fund Family Leave

AEI’s Andrew Biggs offers a fascinating proposal to fund family leave that avoids reducing women’s wages. He writes:  "The U.S. is the only industrialized nation without a law guaranteeing workers paid parental leave. The idea has broad public ... [Read More]

AEI Debate on “The Upside of Inequality”

I summarize my Top 10 NYT bestselling book, The Upside of Inequality: How Good Intentions Undermine the Middle Class for the American Enterprise Institute with Steven Roberts.  The book argues that today's knowledge-based economy is constrained by ... [Read More]

New York Times

A Proposal For Accelerating Middle Class Incomes

New York Times by Edward Conard September 19, 2016 When manufacturing jobs are outsourced, economists believe that opportunistic entrepreneurs will race to employ displaced workers and competition will raise their productivity and wages. But ... [Read More]

Yale Economist Shiller Wrong About Zero Sum Economy

In his Sunday New York Times op-ed " Today’s Inequality Could Easily Become Tomorrow’s Catastrophe,” Yale economist Robert Shiller paints a dire picture of the economy as a zero-sum game where the gains of the rich come at the expense of the poor. He ... [Read More]

IMF Study Finds Deep Flaws in Key Piketty Hypothesis

A new IMF study, Testing Piketty’s Hypothesis on the Drivers of Income Inequality: Evidence from Panel VARs with Heterogeneous Dynamics, by Carlos Góes finds flaws in Thomas Piketty’s famous R > G hypothesis that returns to capital exceeding the ... [Read More]

More evidence that incentives drive work effort.

More Evidence that Incentives Drive Work Effort

Harvard’s Raj Chetty et al just released a new study on the effects of childhood environment on adult employment showing low workforce participation rates for adults who were raised as poor children—even lower for men than women. My first thought ... [Read More]

Edward Conard Debate Highlights

Edward Conard published The Upside of Inequality: How Good Intentions Undermine the Middle Class in September 2016. The book debuted at #8 on the New York Times top ten non-fiction list and reached #1 on the New York Times business book ... [Read More]

Is Inequality Killing the American Dream?

Ed Conard discusses income inequality and how risk-taking and innovation drive the economy with Michelle Fleury on the BBC's "Talking Business.” Is Inequality Killing the American Dream? (Part 1) Is Inequality Killing the American ... [Read More]

Inside the List

By Gregory Cowles Published: July 6, 2012 UNEQUAL EXCHANGE: For a few weeks now, two drastically different arguments about America’s income gap have been bouncing around the hardcover nonfiction list. In “The Price of Inequality” (currently at ... [Read More]

Ed Conard’s interview with the Heritage Foundation

Edward Conard spent 14 years as a partner at Bain Capital, the most scrutinized company in America. But these days, he’s in the news for another reason. As the author of “Unintended Consequences,” Conard has challenged the conventional wisdom about ... [Read More]

Businessweek review by Roger Lowenstein

With his bashing of private equity, Barack Obama has given Mitt Romney a huge opening. Edward Conard, Romney’s friend and former partner at Bain Capital, is eagerly seizing that opportunity with his manifesto for private investment, Unintended ... [Read More]

Edward Conard on “Big Think”

Ed Conard: The Man Behind the 'Most Hated Book in America' Jonathan Fowler and Elizabeth Rodd | May 21, 2012 Due to his argument that income inequalty is a sign that the economy is working, The New York Times called former Bain Capital Managing ... [Read More]

No Role for Fed in Income Distribution

NEW YORK TIMES by Ed Conard | October 27, 2014 The Federal Reserve has neither the mandate to redistribute wealth nor the tools to do it effectively. Should it try, it will likely fail. Were it to succeed, it would likely lower middle- and ... [Read More]