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RCP Puzder review

Andy Puzder Reviews The Upside of Inequality

"Edward Conard’s The Upside of Inequality is one of those rare books. Conard refreshingly places the credit for economic prosperity where it belongs: On the willingness of innovators, entrepreneurs and investors to assume risk and on the availability ... [Read More]

The Weekly Standard Reviews The Upside of Inequality

The Weekly Standard Reviews The Upside of Inequality

Michael M. Rosen The Weekly Standard November 21, 2016 As impassioned calls to curb income inequality, including through a growing movement to establish a “guaranteed basic income," have increasingly dominated the political conversation here and ... [Read More]

AEI Debate on “The Upside of Inequality”

I summarize my Top 10 NYT bestselling book, The Upside of Inequality: How Good Intentions Undermine the Middle Class for the American Enterprise Institute with Steven Roberts.  The book argues that today's knowledge-based economy is constrained by ... [Read More]

Does the Threat of Inflation Stimulate Growth?

Tyler Cowen wrote a thoughtful piece expressing skepticism about the economy’s responsiveness to inflation and how some economists are now just assuming, with little evidence, that growth would be highly responsive to a helicopter money drop. In ... [Read More]

What we can learn from the Fed’s failures

Fortune Magazine By Edward Conard | July 1, 2013 Bernanke's efforts have failed to produce a robust recovery and they've underscored the need for lower government spending. After Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke announced the Fed would ... [Read More]