Breitbart: Conard Only Republican Offering Deal on Lower-Skilled Workers

Neil Munro
August 30, 2017

“…Just about the only establishment figure who has offered a deal is Edward Conard, a business partner of 2012 loser Mitt Romney, His 2016 book offered voters a minor immigration reform, some trade protectionism and the prospect of growing wages in exchange for submission to Wall Street’s wing of the GOP. Not a good offer, maybe, but an actual offer from an establishment baron to millions of voters. The details of that deal are in Conard’s green-eyeshade economics book, “The Upside of Inequality” — but there is no sign that Wall Street, or the Chamber of Commerce, is even ready to offer a deal to voters.

There’s even less evidence that America’s proud progressive CEOs are willing to trade some of their priorities — chiefly, their fierce snobbery towards “bigots,” AKA ordinary people who want to be paid well — in exchange for votes from a slice of Trump’s deplorable and irredeemable supporters.

Admittedly, any decent immigration deal would be a big deal — it would shift a greater share of the nation’s annual income back to employees, and away from company profits, investor returns, CEO bonuses and Wall Street values. It would also force progressives to treat their fellow citizens with more respect, partly by paying them higher wages, but also by accepting them as — dare we say it? — social and moral equals.”

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