Ed Conard on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Discussing Economic Issues

Watch Ed Conard on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart discuss numerous economic issues from Conard’s book, Unintended Consequences: Why Everything You’ve Been Told About the Economy Is Wrong.
Part 1 – Income Inequality
Over the past 40 years, income inequality has risen. Americans are wondering why the rich are getting more money. Conard points out why there have been changes in our economy.

Part 2 – Risk and Reward
Conard feels risk and reward and the true drivers of the economy. He points out that the people with the most capital are taking the most risk and therefore they should get the biggest rewards.

Part 3 – Banks and the Real Estate Market
With the fall of real estate prices, the withdrawals from banks were five times bigger than the default on loans. This is what helped cause our financial crisis.

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