Piketty and Krugman Admit the Laffer Curve Is Real


Real Clear Markets By Edward Conard | April 23, 2014 Liberal and conservative economists disagree sharply over the extent to which a lower marginal tax rate motivates talented workers to take the risks and suffer the consequences necessary to earn more money. The strongly held belief that higher tax rates do not create significant disincentive [...]

Debate with Robert Reich on the latest budget released by Rep. Paul Ryan on Ronan Farrow’s MSNBC Show

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Ed Conard looks at Paul Ryan’s priorities as they are laid out in his latest budget proposal.

Ed Conard debates the impact the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy is having on the economy on Bloomberg TV’s “In the Loop”

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What has the Fed’s policy done to improve the economy. Ed Conard discusses this with Bloomberg Businessweek’s Peter Coy, and Bloomberg’s Michael McKee and Trish Regan.

On Bloomberg TV’s “In the Loop” Ed Conard explains the data featured in the recent CBO report

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Why the argument for raising the minimum wage is ultimately bad for the economy.

On Yahoo’s “Daily Ticker” Ed Conard argues raising the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) will help the working poor more than raising the minimum wage

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The recent CBO report shows raising the minimum wage will do little for the working poor.

Ed Conard debates with Rep. Jim Himes on President Obama’s refusal to work with Congress to pass legislation on Betty Liu’s “In the Loop” on Bloomberg TV

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Ed Conard addresses how the Fed’s policies have affected economic volatility on Betty Liu’s “In the Loop” on Bloomberg TV

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Now that Janet Yellen is leading the Fed, how will their policies change?

Ed Conard debates Phil Mattingly on the path forward for Congress and the president after the State of the Union on Betty Liu’s “In the Loop” on Bloomberg TV

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Ed Conard analyzes the president’s message and how the Republican Congress will likely respond to his plans for 2014.

Ed Conard debates Austan Goolsbee on President Obama’s proposals to solve income inequality on Bloomberg TV

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What will Obama focus on in his upcoming State of the Union?

Ed Conard analyzes the impact of the past three Federal Reserve chairmen on “In the Loop” with Betty Liu on Bloomberg TV

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Which Fed Chairman served the economy best?